Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yakitori at Yoshimi Shouten, Shinchon; 요시미 쇼우텐, 신촌;  新村の「よしみ商店」

So here's a small little place I go to once in awhile, to get yakitori.

There used to be a decent place in Hongdae that served this purpose for me, and they did a pretty neat job, with proper Japanese sauces and condiment pairings (only place in Korea I'd seen with yuzugoshou, for example) for their yakitori. Unfortunately, while I was out of the country, that place either changed hands or just changed concepts, they no longer do yakitori and are just an anonymous Korean-ized izakaya now, so they are no longer worth mentioning.

This place, Yoshimi Shouten, I am not sure how I got here originally, but it's not bad. They have a few standards, and then a few non yakitori-ya type things on the menu; ramen, oden, etc.
One thing I like drinking lately is Japanese sours and chu-hais (shochu highballs)... Yoshimi has a lemon sour that is like lemon juice and seltzer and some soju; nice if you feel like a headache later on the same night, and it's easy drinking. For a Wednesday night, I'll take that.

There is nothing too authentically Japanese about this place beyond the decor and menu style, but it's a nice break from Korean BBQ every night. Yoshimi doesn't have tons of chicken on their menu, or at least any that I really want to go for (grilled chicken skin or assholes, anyone?) and have more pork than I'd like to see for this place, but I do like their pork belly-wrapped cherry tomatoes, shishito peppers, and their gingko nut skewers. When I'm in Japan, I usually get about the same thing, balancing about 2/3rds chicken to 1/3rd vegetable orders.

Yoshimi can get pretty expensive, especially if you like to drink. I usually see customers restraining themselves during their stay, usually just a couple beers and a few skewers per couple. One skewer of meat, which is only about 3-4 little cubes of meat, is about 3000-3500W a piece. When I'm eating with friends, we can drop almost a bill on chicken skewers and sides alone, it adds up pretty quickly. I also like their tomato salad (8500w) that is dressed in a Korean-y faux wafu dressing to cut the grease, and Charly likes the maguro tataki (18,000W), which is a pretty sizable filet of tuna, served over a generous bed of greens and the same dressing.

The lighting wasn't good enough for picture taking, and we forgot to take pictures of the grilled stuff we ate. Drinking and food blogging, there is a delicate balance.

Our bill was 127,000W for three people, including a few drinks for each and a normal amount of food.

I guess this place is a 2-2.5/5 stars on our scale. There is far worse out there, and then there are places towards the far end of Itaewon that also do yakitori, that I will touch upon at a later time.

Location: out of Shinchon subway station, head down the main street toward the front gate of Yonsei University; there will be a Starbucks on the left side of the street, close to the Yonsei; Yoshimi Shouten is down the alley next to Starbucks on the left, about 100m.

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