Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The TOJ Daypack

I've had this idea in my head for ages, and things came all circular and I finally got the chance to make it. They are turning out just as I had envisioned them. I haven't worn a backpack since about 1995, but now that mine has finally come to fruition, I am gonna be wearing them all year now. It's part a recollection of my youth in the mid 1990's; half-filled Jansports covered with band names and logos scribbled in whiteout pen on everyone's backs; Patrik Ervell's elusive deerskin backpack from a couple years ago did ring well with me, as it supported the former idea, a time period that stays in my memory.

What they are: it's a classic big-compartment, small zip pocket daypack format, in an unstructured, floppy monochrome palette. I chose cow suede for these as it allows the bags to droop low and abstract. They get the good YKK metal 2-way zippers in 8 gauge, and the construction is impeccable.

I've already made five grey ones, and five black ones, which have all sold out, and the second run in olive suede and eggplant suede, five per, is in production. A couple of each are still available. A washed black lambskin is in the cards for the third production run to follow, with a possible reprise of grey suede, but I'd also like to introduce burgundy suede and a dark moody teal suede at some point as well.

They are selling for $275 in the suede version and $325 in the lambskin version.

I get to wear the f'd up sample, which is a bit smaller than the production versions, and this sample got gold zips; the regular ones are getting silver zips. It is definitely nice to tote stuff around in though. Once the crazier colors are made, I will be taking one and toting my iPad and moleskin around in it all year.

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