Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recipe: Pho Rice Burger

Here is another one of my masterful ghetto foodstuff creations; the Pho Rice Burger. You get to have some Vietnamese flavor combined with Japanese food technology here, and that isn't a bad thing. Most stuff would probably be better with some Japanese food technology, to be honest. This ended up tasting honestly more like Pho than any actual Pho that is available in this country, and that is on one hand, sad, and on the other hand, pretty cool, I guess. I'm not gonna become the next oriental Ferran Adria anytime soon, but the overall flavor definitely says 'pho'....

Ok, so to reach the next level, you are going to need a lot of stuff. For those of you in Korea, none of this stuff isn't easy to find here, but guess what? It's not impossible. Itaewon Foreign Mart are your friends, people. It's where I purchased most of the stuff for this recipe.

Here is the literal cornucopia you will need to make this epic, next level meal:

-Sawtooth leaf herb (aka ngo gai, aka long coriander)
-regular cilantro
-Thai basil
-some Anaheim or similar peppers, preferably not Korean chunyang peppers, which have a thicker skin and different flavor profile
-a red onion
-a carrot, optional I guess

-iceberg lettuce

-some good flavorful ground beef
-an egg

-some short grain sticky rice
-a packet of pho soup base, the dry Pho buillon cubes would also work here

-some potato starch and S+P

1) make an herb slaw of the julienned vegetables in the first bar, and chiffonade the herbs, season with salt and pepper, lime juice, set aside

2) mix beef with a bit of the remaining minced onion, an egg to bind, and some chopped cilantro. Mix in a bit of the pho soup base and some S+P and then form patties, chill awhile.

3) cook short grain rice as usual, add some pho soup base to the cooking water, in proportion to the amount of rice in the cooker, according to the packet ingredients.

4) when rice is done, mix in some sriracha, give it a spoon or two of potato starch to bind, squeeze a little lime juice into the steamed rice, and then form some rice buns in a saran wrapped patty form. Carefully peel away the saran wrap, place into pan, and toast these buns over low heat in an ungreased nonstick fry pan, until both sides of each bun half have crisped and caramelized.

5) cook your pho burger patty to your liking, either in the same pan, or over a grill.

6) assemble the burger, with a bit of sriracha on the buns, some iceberg lettuce leaves, your burger patty, and some of the herb slaw.


  1. damn. can you actually eat it like a burger?

  2. indeed man. It's burger slash incredible

  3. I recall seeing similar burgers at McDonald's in the Philippines, with the pressed rice bun. Interesting to see other recipes out there too... looks tasty!