Friday, February 12, 2010

daily accessories

When I leave the house, there's really only a number of things I need on me - a wallet, a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, my Blackberry, and lately I have been wearing watches. Apparently they don't work as well as they should because I am still late to everything, but I am not sure if I can blame this on the Germans, as they make a damn good watch.

Dan got himself the black Sinn 756 S(chwarz) Duochrono back in October, and yeah, I had to copycat and get a Sinn for myself. I got the 356 Flieger I with the acrylic domed crystal, on the Sinn bracelet. Mine is from Japan, so it's a series 1 and not the series 2 on leather band that is more standard for the US market nowadays. Dan's 756 is from Singapore, so I am not sure if it is a variant, though it seems they sell an identical model in the US. Our girlfriends have a lot to say about our matching accessories, but they just don't realize how cool these watches are.

The 756S has a dial based on aircraft navigation clocks; the 356 has a pilot's watch type dial. The other outward differences would be that the 356 Flieger is similar to many other Fliegers (namely IWC's) in that it has the full bevy of chronograph display plus day-date, albeit in German, while the 756 subtracts the day readout plus the constant seconds. I sort of prefer having a constant seconds hand, frankly it looks cool with all the moving shit on the face and someday I may have a use for it, boiling eggs or something. I had to study the days of the week in German there for a little bit, sup Dontag.
The blacked out 756 looks pretty navy seal black ops level, like something you're going to wear before you dive to 100 meters and then harpoon the enemy, whereas the silver 356 is a bit more run of the mill, army'ish looking, like a typewriter commando or something.
Both the 756 and the 356 are built on the same movement, a Valjoux 7750, which is pretty workhorse, and shows up in a lot of good watches. If you give them a little rattle, I think the vibrations are a lot stronger on the 356, but that might have to do with the 756 having a deeper, beefier case with a flat inset sapphire crystal - it's huge. The 356 has a shallower case and a big bulbous crystal to reach about the same height.

The 756 is definitely the nicer of the two, it has the tegimented steel technology to keep the bracelet and case from scratching in day to day use, which the 356 doesn't have, and a copper sulphate capsule on the lower left side of the case that indicates interior moisture levels, ie service requirements.

Anyway, I'm not a horologist or anything, but the Sinns are nice distinctive looking watches that make for an interesting timepiece at fair prices.

The other daily accessory we use are our zippo lighters. There is something infinitely charming about a zippo, the hand feel and the vintage attitude of something you have to regularly service. Even the smell of the lighter fluid is charming. I look at the time, and then flick the zippo open and light a cigarette....

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